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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer El Cerrito CA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is a special Attorney who litigates on workplace injuries. Regardless of the occupation of a worker, he/she is at risk for an injury on the job at any time. The injury may be immediate, such as a truck driver getting involved in an accident or a construction worker falling down from a building under construction.  Also, the injury can happen repeatedly over time, such as a stocker suffering back sprain from heavy lifting or an office worker being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome

Work Injury Attorneys, therefore, deals with workplace injuries which happen to workers when he or she is at work, on company property or in an assigned company business, which requires medical treatment and may or may not necessarily requires the employee to take time off.

By law, every employer is to make adequate arrangements for employee compensation.  Workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance policy providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured while at work or carrying out assigned duties while the beneficiary is mandated to relinquish the right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

Usually, an employee or an injured worker fills the necessary documents detailing the injury sustained and making claims in accordance with the law. If the claims are accepted, the injured worker will receive written notification stating or any entitlement they may have to compensation benefits and other related required information. If the claim is denied, the injured worker will be a detailed written notification stating the reasons why such claims are denied and outlining the right of the injured person right to appeal in courts.

It is advisable that victims of workplace accidents get the service of an Attorney who will advise and guide them when going through the entire process. Work Injury Attorneys can help clients navigate the difficult workers’ compensation claim process. They also help educate employees on the extent of the benefits enshrined in workers’ compensation law in the following areas:

Medical treatment

Temporary disability payments

Permanent disability payments

Lump sum payment options

It is important you note that sometimes, legitimate workers’ compensation claims may be denied by aggressive insurance companies.  Reasons, they may sometimes claim that the victim may have not been injured, or that the injury the victim suffered is not serious enough to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.  Based on this, if not carefully handled, the victim can lose critical benefits, including medical care and financial assistance. This is why it is important to start with a lawyer at the onset and who will represent the victim in court should the employer or Insurance companies deny them their benefits.

Finally, Work Injury Attorneys have the capacity to successfully help workplace injury victims get their claims as enshrined in the law from employers through their insurance companies.